Sensuous Kizomba To Groove Onto

June 22, 2015

Kizomba is synonymous with sensuousness. It is a treat to watch such a mesmerizing dance form originated in Angola. It is because of its sensuous appeal that more and more people are taking it up as a dance medium. The special part of the dance is that it is both a form of music and dance. The rhythm that it is associated with is based on zouk. The move is pretty fast paced that also characterises Brazilian funk in a lot of ways. Many beaches in U.S.A are renowned for Kizomba dances.

Kizomba is more to do with bedroom dancing when the festivity that is partying ‘zouk’ goes on. Kizomba classes in northeast Philadelphia suggests you to focus more on connection with your partner than on the steps. The iconic move of Kizomba is the leg of the man lodged in between the thigh of the women. The beauty of the dance form is that it is never rough. It follows a smooth pattern simmering rather than boiling. It is an intensive dance form performed by the couples. The timing of the steps has to be taken care of. Usually there are just three basic steps that you have to take note of.

The dance form encapsulates the couple like mating insects. Dancing with your partner in close proximity, leaving no gap in between is a challenge that partners have to comfortably position themselves with. Many Kizomba festivals are held during summer in Miami as well. It is tempting to watch the dance but what better way than to learn it in Philadelphia itself. Beats of staccato are drawn and the twitching gets better with every passing move. The dance form is gaining popularity fast. You have to enrol yourself in the best of Kizomba classes in Philadelphia to arise in unison with your partner.